How to use Temporary Email

How to use Temporary Email
Published in : 30 Dec 2021

How to use Temporary Email

Forget about junk mail, advertising mailings, with Temporary-Email 💌 Get Free access to an unlimited number of disposable e-mail addresses ⚡ generated automatically or customizable and Keep your real mailbox clean and secure.


Temporary Email provides temporary, secure, anonymous, free, and disposable email addresses. You are tired of receiving spam every day because you provided your email address to the wrong site!

Temporary Email is the solution for this, use our disposable email addresses whenever you are asked to do so, it's free, anonymous, and secure.

Our service is also known as Temp Mail or fake email address. It is a tool that you would need to use in your daily life, if your privacy is important in your eyes, Our Temp Mail technology also protects you against phishing.

You can use it to take advantage of limited-to-one email deals like coupons or download eBooks.

With Temporary Email, you no longer need to clean your personal mailbox because it will stay clean.

Whenever you need it, you can generate unlimited temporary emails without having to sign up or provide any personal information.


Why should you use Temporary Email?

✔️Avoid flooding your personal email address with junk mail.

✔️Stay anonymous when registering on strange sites.

✔️Get unlimited emails addresses instantly and automatically without filling in any info.

✔️You can customize emails with your name or company name to get a free professional email.

✔️Create multiple accounts on any website you want.


You can renew an unlimited time your email address by only deleting it, a new email address will be randomly generated, or create a custom one easily.


Please know with us:

🔒 Your privacy is our priority.

🔒 Built for privacy protection.

🔒 Multi monthly updated/added.

🔒 Automatically get random email fresh address.