Prevent your personal email from being flooded with spam with temporary email

Prevent your personal email from being flooded with spam with temporary email
Published in : 24 Nov 2021

Prevent your personal email from being flooded with spam with temporary email

There are many ways your email address could be exposed to spam. Spam is a serious problem and it just keeps getting worse. Your email can be sold and traded and placed on lists that will continue to send you junk every day, unless we do something about it. The best way to solve this problem is to use temporary email - also known as disposable email, fake email or throw-away email.

The Purpose of Temporary Email

When you sign up for a website or service that requires an email account, it's tempting to use your personal email. But if these websites get hacked, your inbox could be flooded with spam for years to come. For this reason, it's a good idea to create a temporary email address. This can be done in seconds on our website!. Temporary email addresses can also be created and accessed from mobile phones and browsers, which is especially helpful when travelling.

How to Get a Temporary Email Address

You just have to access the home page A random temporary email will be automatically generated and displayed for you, just click copy to copy it, no need for registration or waste of time.

What’s the Difference between a Gmail Account and a Temporary One?

Gmail is one of the most popular email services. You can set up a Gmail account for free, but it’s usually hard to get one they will ask for a number verification. If you need an email address but don’t want to give your personal information away, then consider getting a temporary email service like

More Ways to Protect yourself from Spam

If you find that a lot of spam is going to your email address, there are a few things you can do. One way to prevent getting spam in your inbox is by using a web-based or mobile-based filtering service. You can also setup filters so that all email from senders not in your contacts list will be filtered out.


Temporary email is a great solution for people who don't want to maintain a personal email address. Gone are the days of having to mark all your messages as spam or delete them without reading them. Simply make use of temporary email it's free and assign it to use for any website that requires you to sign up with an email address, like Facebook or Twitter.